I've downloaded the bundle but I don't find the products, what do I do?

You have to check the pdf named "LINK TO THE FILES" where you will find the images of the pack you have bought. By clicking on them, you will be redirected to the download page.

PS: the pdf function as a backup file in case you lose your products, keep it carefully!

How do I install the packs?

Please follow the easy-to-follow Tutorial given inside the pack. 

Where I receive my download links?

Our products are delivered via Email and available immediately after purchase! An order confirmation email with a download link will also be sent to the email provided.

Where I receive the updates?

The updates are shared monthly to the packs that contains the type of product released (EX: If a New Transitions is added, only the "All Transitions" Pack and "The Ultimate Bundle" Pack will receive the updates. Same for the others). 

NB: All the Updates won't ask you for an additional payment and will be shared for FREE.

When a NEW Update is released, you will receive an email directly to your inbox with the link to download it. Check the pdf named "LINK TO THE FILES" to find the just released products.

I have made a purchase, but haven't gotten my download link, what do I do?

Orders are typically processed instantly but could take as long as 1 hour to complete. Once your order has been processed we will send you a confirmation email using the email address you provided on our order form.

This email will serve as your electronic purchase receipt and will contain the information you need to access our product downloads.

With which programs are the products compatible?

Currently, the Transitions are only compatible on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X, while Luts and Effects are compatible on ALL softwares that supports .Cube files.

How long can I use the products?

All files you download are yours to keep forever.

The transitions doesn't work, what do I do?

Please, make sure to have followed the tutorial correctly. If you're using an older version, Adobe Premiere Pro will not recognise the Transitions so you may need to update the program to the latest version.

If it is already updated, restart the program and re-charge the transitions in it.

If it still doesn't work, feel free to write to our Customer Care with a description of the problem and our technicians will help you immediately.

It tells me that files are missing, what do I do? 

It is due to a later update which improved the file size, just ignore it, it won't cause you any problem.

SAVAGE, help me! I can't unzip my download files!

Don't worry, dear fellow filmmakers, it happens pretty often that ZIP files cannot be opened with the Mac OS Archive Utility or Windows Unarchiver. We recommend using the free software KEKA (on Mac) or 7zip (on Windows), which are much better anyway.

The project files or XML don’t work with my editing software!

Downgrade Premiere Project Files for free here. If you get an error message importing XMLs into Final Cut Pro X please update to the latest version.

I only see offline files when I open your projects/XMLs!

You’ll need to show your editing software where to find the files used for the transitions. We created them on a different computer with a different file structure. Simply relink the clips to the files you downloaded to your hard drive.

My Windows PC can’t open your video files!

Install Quicktime for Windows and update your editing software!

I need to download the files again, but the link is no longer valid!

We will occasionally update the download links to prevent piracy (Arrr!). As a result, the links in your order confirmation mail will no longer work. Please login to your user account. The links there will always be valid.

Is it possible to change the speed of the transitions?

Yes it is. In order to do that you have to lengthen the transition levels and increase the frame space by editing the key frames within the effect controls panel. If you don't know how to do it, feel free to write us and we will give you step-by-step instructions.

Help! I have another technical problem with your product.

Let’s solve this as quickly as possible. Please contact us directly: savageffectstaff@gmail.com